Paint.useless-1.0 provides a less than fantastic space to paint with four brushes controlled by the arrow keys and mouse. Each arrow is a tool, up draws lines along a diagonal separating the window from the upper left corner to lower right(this crashes open processing though so copy the code in the link bellow if you want to play with this pen.) , the left arrow draws rectangles that vary in size dependent on the mouse X and Y positions and changes the hue saturation and value likewise, right arrow is your eraser tool, the color does not match the original background, however after using the other tools substantially this would’t matter much.

the posses of creating my (all be it useless) paint program gave me clear and concise confirmation that maybe, just maybe programming isn’t my strong suit.

  //allows for hue control Via Mouse position over RGB//
  int w= color(900);

after, i want to say half a class I realized that a major problem in the code was that with Hue saturation in a lower level of the code it was altering the other tools, the remedy was oddly enough setting the Hue code higher up, in the void draw. still not sure what happened there, but she works now.

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