Visual Rotational Program

Being visual learner and a big fan of interesting design, I decided to use Processing as my mode of choice for my program.

I started with a drawing program, which merely followed the cursor and added dots with colors correlating to where they were in the line behind the cursor. I did this merely because it was easier to spawn the dots where I wanted once the program was running instead of actually defining positions that would be changed eventually anyways. I started out initially with just black to white changing, and once I had that down, moved to color changing just by changing the colorMode to HSB rather than RGB.

 void pickColor(int part, int whole)
int tempVal = int(map((float)part, 0.0, (float)whole, 0.0, (float)colorSpace));
this.myColor = color(tempVal, 255, 255);

After tackling the color, I decided the best way to spawn the system while allowing it to be versatile would be in a circle formation. I ran into some issues with the trig from the start, but some easy radians() conversion made it easier.

xpos = int(cos(radians(theta))*radi);
ypos = int(sin(radians(theta))*radi);

these two lines being the problem case for staring at a monitor for about 45 minutes trying to find an issue.

(click the still to view the program in action)

I originally had plans to add a transition period into the program that would change the animation as time progressed in the drawing, but the amount of time it took to finish the first animation was much longer than anticipated and I wasn’t able to finish.

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