Fruit Invasion


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Fruit invasion is an original game developed and designed by Stephen Piesnikowski. It is a simple game that is kinda like a tower defense game but you are in control of it.

How it began

              At first it was just a simple house building game. There was a sprite named Steve that would ask you questions like how big do you want he floor or do you want a 2 or 3 sided roof. It had much evolved then and the only thing that is in common with the original idea is that the house is there and used as a one time shield, with all different types of fruit to make the game interesting it defiantly was a success. There is still much potential in the game though as there is a sho    p but nothing in it, counts gold but you cant use it. It defiantly can use another 5 weeks of time and probably more before this game reaches its max potential.

Basic code expanded

             The most important part of the code is obviously the fruit itself. They are pointed to sprite Steve and will launch when they get notified to. When you click them they are programed to stop and disappear, also it will add to the count that signifies when to start a new level. If it touches sprite Steve everything will stop and vanish and the backdrop will change to the end screen. How the one time shield works is because the fruit are continuously checking to see if they are touching the color orange which is the house color. If they are they will clear the screen and act like they’ve been clicked on.

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              This game was defiantly a fun one to program and design it is far from finished and can defiantly be picked up by someone else to to finish what I started.


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