Burt The Knight


Burt, a small yellow and green knight must traverse the land, avoiding and slaying giant spiders


I had decided to make a 2D platformer titled Burt the Knight. My main inspiration(s) to try and make this type of game is from my past experiences enjoying Mario and Sonic the Hedgehog, as well as newer platformers like Shovel Knight. You could consider this game to be just a generic platformer, and works just about as such.

It’s not quite finished, but you can see how it works here  “http://www.greenfoot.org/scenarios/14211


Left and Right- moving left and right

F – throw sword

Space – jump

Challenging Bits:

Throughout my duration of making this game, there have been a couple tricky bits. One of which, i am ashamed to admit, i finally gave up on and checked the greenfoot forums, ground detection.

while (counter <= max && under == null)
under = (GrassBlock)getOneObjectAtOffset ( 0, getImage().getHeight() / 2 + counter, GrassBlock.class);
//borrowed portion and assistance from “http://www.greenfoot.org/topics/3161”
// If there is a platform, correct Player’s height so that he always lands right on the platform
// This avoids a weird floating effect that was present otherwise

Basically, the code checks if the “GrassBlock” actor is underneath the player. It then takes the the size of the image.

if (under != null)
int newY;

newY = under.getY() – (under.getImage().getHeight()/2) – ((getImage().getHeight() / 2))-1;

setLocation(getX(), newY);

Now we take the size of the image, and set it’s location to the top of the GrassBlock, which now acts as a barrier of sorts, the ground.

Future Plans For Burt:

It needs some work still, I need to make the background of individual images for the projectile’s and Burt and make them transparent. Also, i need to stop the program from stopping when an actor is removed, i believe this is to be done with array lists. After I work out those parts, I plan to start the side-scrolling aspect, with random, but organized, placement of the floating blocks, and maybe make those move back and forth. I want it to be challenging to an extent, not so challenging that it’d make you want to rage at the game and spam emails at me to take it down, but enough of a challenge to keep you coming back when you fail and have a rewarding sense of accomplishment when you succeed.


Inspiration for Burt’s Character Design:

I can’t say that i came up with how Burt the knight looks from my own imagination. I had been thinking about the game Dark Souls, created by From Software, and I had my favorite npc in mind when I cranked out Burt’s png in about 10 minutes. The npc Solaire of Astora.   (Solaire image)


You might see a small resemblance.



But, I figured i would note where this inspiration came from and I’m also giving a shout-out to From Software and the head director of the Dark Souls games, Hidetaka Miyazaki, I really enjoy their games and I look forward to the next ones.




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