Simon Says

Goal of the Game This is a standard Simon Says game that was popular as a hand held device a few years ago.

The board is as seen as below, four squares with your score in the middle of them.

Board Screenshot

As the game progresses, the board will flash a white circle on the color, signified by a random array, picking numbers one through four to show what color lights up.


Board Light Up



To View the Game

Open the project before reading more, you will know what I’m talking about with the problems section this way.



The way the code works is the “SimonDone” starts as false, and when the length of the list reaches double the round, the SimonDone goes back to true, which stops the list. The problem I encountered is that when the SimonDone goes back to true, nothing stops. The list goes on forever, which is odd, due to the fact that when it’s true at the very beginning of the code nothing happens.This snowballs into an even larger problem in the main idea of the game because if the list never stops, then there can be no user input to play the game.

Code 1

this then runs LightUp, shown below


Code 2

It’s hard to say where I would’ve gotten as far as coding the game if maybe I started differently or researched a little more on more efficient way to code the list. There are a lot of variables and if statements which makes the list tricky, as you’ve seen in the pictures above. Coding has been compared to a brick wall, you just have to keep working on it until you bust through the wall until you encounter your next problem. The list was a big problem for me throughout the whole project, at some points I thought I figured it out, only to realize I messed something else up.

I originally started the project in greenfoot, until the very beginning the wall was to big to break down, so I switched to Processing. Coding came easy at the beginning, and the list worked perfectly until I needed it to start again for the next round. That’s where I am now, still trying to bust through the wall of code…

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